BCP Template & Resources

If you are developing a Business Continuity Plan or trying to prepare your administrative, research, or academic unit to resume essential and  critical functions and services following an emergency, you may benefit from the following tools:

BCP Template – for customization by units (includes general information; action items to increase your unit’s readiness; information & strategies for operating during a crisis)

EHS – for information on assessing and mitigating hazards in the workplace, and assistance on occupational health evaluation and related preparation

City of Toronto’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Public Safety Canada’s Guide to Business Continuity Planning (link disabled following August 2022 Audit of the federal government’s Business Continuity Planning Program which found that “The 2013 Business Continuity Plan was neither operationally tested nor was it updated to reflect the 2015 assessment of the Department’s critical services.”


And once you have a Business Continuity Plan: Know It, Live It, Use It.